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Cloud Hosted or Onsite Email Services

We can give your business corporate grade email services through our partnership with Microsoft. no matter what your current setup we can upgrade it to enable you to be able to communicate with your staff, clients and suppliers wherever you are and whatever size your business is. Professional spam and junk mail filtering so you only get what you want to read, and device syncronisation so you can reply on any phone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC you have, and even if you don’t have it with you, access your email securely through someone else’s device.

We offer migration services to change you over from your existing system, whether it’s an old onsite exchange server, or POP services, or you want to change away from Google Gsuite we can migrate you with no downtime.

So whether you are a sole trader or have a team of hundreds we can provide a solution for you. if you don’t trust the cloud or want an onsite solution that you control we can build you a reliable server with Microsoft Exchange installed. If you have 20 or more staff this might be more cost effective than a cloud hosted subscription…

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